Hey Fido, It’s For You.

True story.

A woman called the phone company to check her phone line. It seems that her daughter complained that she had to ring her mother’s phone many times before she would finally answer. The mother said she only heard it ring one to two times before she answered.

The repair person (politically correct) knew something was up when the mother said she felt her dog was psychic. The dog would start barking just before the phone would ring. He found that someone (politically correct not to accuse) had disconnected the phone ground line and used it to tie off the dog’s chain to his metal collar.

Apparently when the call came in, the dog would get more than 90 volts of direct current, but there was not a good enough ground to allow the ring. The ring occurred when the dog urinated and made a good ground.

There’s a lesson there somewhere.

    Forwarded from Robin Goldstein.