One Fine Day at the Pearly Gates.

3 men standing in line to get into heaven..Apparently it had been a pretty busy day and Peter tells them, "Heaven's getting pretty close to full today so I will only admit people who have had particularly horrible deaths. So what's your story?"

The first guy replies: "Well, for a while I suspected my wife was screwing around on me, so today I came home from work early to catch her red-handed. As I came to my apartment on the 25th floor I could tell something was going on. So I rush in and am searching all over and can't find the guy.

"I go out to the balcony, and sure enough there is a guy hanging off the railing. So I am so mad that I start beating on him, kicking him and the damn guy won't let go. I go into my apartment and get a hammer and start hammering his fingers and finally he falls. But - wouldn't you know it - he lands on a bush, stunned but okay.

"I run into the kitchen, grab the refrigerator and throw it over the edge, killing him instantly! But all the stress gives me a heart attack and I drop dead!"

Said Peter, "That sounds like a bad day to me; come on in!"

The next guy comes up to Peter. "It was a horrible day. I was standing on the 26th floor of my apartment on the balcony exercising and I slip and fall over the edge. Luckily I grab the railing below me and I am hanging on for dear life. Miraculously a guy runs out on the balcony and I think he's going to save me but no, he starts beating me and kicking me and I am hanging on for dear life.

"Then he gets a hammer and is hammering my fingers and I let go. By the grace of God I fall on a bush, stunned but alive. Suddenly the guy throws a refrigerator over the railing and it crushes me instantly and here I am."

Once again Peter says, "WOW! What a day! Okay, come in!"

The third guy comes to the front and says to Peter, "Picture this: I'm hiding naked inside a refrigerator...."