One Fine Day in New York City...

The Pope flew into New York City for a Catholic convention. He was running very late and decided to take a cab. He asked the cab driver if he could drive him from the airport across town in 15 minutes. The cab driver, having recognized the Pope, quickly agreed.

However, two miles into the trip the Pope noticed that the cab driver was driving very very slowly. The driver couldn’t concentrate on driving because he was too excited about the Pope riding in his cab. Finally, getting very anxious and not wanting to be tardy for his convention, the Pope asked the driver if he could drive. The driver pulled over and switched seats with the Pope.

The Pope began driving over 100 mph and weaving around slow traffic to help him gain some time. It wasn’t long before a police officer noticed and pulled the cab over. As the officer walked up next to the vehicle, he immediately noticed the Pope and quickly retreated to his squad car.

The officer radioed to his captain, “Sir, I have a situation here. I think that I have pulled over someone very very important.”

“Is it the NY Mayor?” says the chief.

“No, I think this man is more important,“ answers the officer.

“More important than the Mayor? Who did you pull over, the President?” exclaimed the chief.

The officer thought for a second and then answered “No, I think that this man is even more important than the President.”

“Who in the whole world can be more important than the President?” says the chief.

“Well, sir, I don’t know who he is, but the Pope is his chauffeur.”