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After French President Jacques Chirac declared, "As far as I'm concerned, war always means failure":

As far as France is concerned, you’re right.

Rush Limbaugh
1951 —     

When asked who he considered the greatest generals:

The victors.

Napoleon Bonaparte
1769 — 1821

That’s a good question. Let me try to evade you.

Senator Paul Tsongas
1941 — 1997

When asked by defense attorney Kerry Lawrence how he found defendant Alan Walker's home address:

As an old reporter, we have a few secrets, and the first thing is we try the phone book.

Andy Rooney
1919 — 2011

When asked how many husbands she has had:

You mean, other than my own?

Zsa Zsa Gabor
1917 —     

When asked what would be the first thing he would do if he won the 1965 New York City mayoral race:

Demand a recount.

William F. Buckley, Jr.
1925 — 2008

Upon being told that the Antichrist had been born, but was only three years old:

Then I shall leave the problem for my successor to deal with.

Pope Benedict XIV
1675 — 1758

Upon being told the amount of his fine for spitting at an umpire:

It was a little more than I expectorated.

Frenchy Bordagaray
1910 — 2001

When asked what he would want with him if marooned on a deserted island:

A continent.

Bruce Campbell
1958 —     

When asked how it felt to turn eighty:

Pretty good, considering the alternative.

Maurice Chevalier
1888 — 1972

Seven out of ten people suffer from hemorrhoids. Does this mean that the other three enjoy it?

Sal Davino

When asked what wine he liked to drink:

That which belongs to another.

412 — 320? B.C.

Upon being told by William Gladstone, "I predict, Sir, that you will die either by hanging or of some vile disease":

That all depends, sir, upon whether I embrace your principles or your mistress.

Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli
1804 — 1881

White House Butler, to Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who asked if Fields would defend him against claims that he was a teetotaler:

Mr. Prime Minister, I’ll defend you until the last drop.

Alonso Fields

When asked by a Canadian customs agent if he had anything to declare:

Sure. I’m proud to be an American.

Steve Foster
1966 —     

Upon being asked "How many people work in the Vatican?":

About half.

Pope John XXIII
1881 — 1963

When asked by reporters to confirm pitcher C.C. Sabathia's claim that he injured his back after sleeping awkwardly:

I don’t know. I didn’t sleep with him.

Charlie Manuel
1944 —     

Former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder, when introduced to Pope Pius XII:

We have a lot in common. I also used to be a Cardinal.

Ducky Medwick
1911 — 1975

To Clare Boothe Luce, who had held a door open and said, "Age before beauty":

Pearls before swine.

Dorothy Parker
1893 — 1967

After a student had handed in an exam having written, "Only God knows the answer to your question. Merry Christmas.":

Happy New Year. God gets an A, you get an F.

William Phelps
1865 — 1943

Showing quotes 21 through 40 in the category “Comebacks.” Page 1 2 3.