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Upon being told, "Must you fall asleep while I'm speaking?":

No, it’s purely voluntary.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill
1874 — 1965

Upon being told by Lady Astor, "If you were my husband, I'd put poison in your tea.":

If I were your husband, I’d drink it!

Prime Minister Winston Churchill
1874 — 1965

Upon being asked, "Is sex dirty?":

Only if it’s done right.

Woody Allen
1935 —     

Upon being informed by a fellow Member of Parliament that his fly was open:

It is of no account; after all, the old bird does not fly far from his nest.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill
1874 — 1965

Upon being asked whether he preferred grass to an artificial surface:

I don’t know. I’ve never smoked AstroTurf.

Tug McGraw
1944 — 2004

Manager of the New York Yankees, to a young Mickey Mantle, who was surprised that Stengel, age 63, was teaching him baseball fundamentals:

Do you think I was born old?

Casey Stengel
1890 — 1975

That’s a good question. Let me try to evade you.

Senator Paul Tsongas
1941 — 1997

Graffiti written under more graffiti that said, "Question Authority":



In 1938 to State Department operative and former White Sox catcher Moe Berg, who offered to trade his knowledge of baseball for Einstein's knowledge of mathematics:

I think you would learn mathematics faster.

Albert Einstein
1879 — 1955

When asked if the streakers that ran across the field were men or women:

I don’t know. They had bags over their heads.

Yogi Berra
1925 —     

To his wife who asked him where she should bury him if he were to die first:

Surprise me.

Yogi Berra
1925 —     

To the wife of New York City Mayor John Lindsay, who said that he looked cool:

Thanks. You don’t look so hot yourself.

Yogi Berra
1925 —     

After French President Jacques Chirac declared, "As far as I'm concerned, war always means failure":

As far as France is concerned, you’re right.

Rush Limbaugh
1951 —     

During his Hall of Fame induction speech, which followed sportswriter Hal McCoy's emotional speech about how family, friends and Cincinnati players refused to let him quit despite losing most of his eyesight:

In deference to Hal McCoy, I was asked to quit many times.

Bob Uecker
1935 —     

To an Army quartermaster who said that he would like to pay his respects:

From the complaints of the soldiers, I guess that’s about all any of you do pay.

President Abraham Lincoln
1809 — 1865

When asked by a priest to suspend a convict's death sentence:

If I don’t suspend it tonight, the man will surely be suspended tomorrow.

President Abraham Lincoln
1809 — 1865

When asked what good a new invention was:

What good is a newborn baby?

Benjamin Franklin
1706 — 1790

When asked why he thought it impossible to name his one hundred favorite books:

Because I have only written five.

Oscar Wilde
1854 — 1900

To a crowd that had shouted, "Talk about the Queen!" in response to his claim that he could talk spontaneously on any subject:

The Queen is not a subject.

Oscar Wilde
1854 — 1900

Upon receiving a telegram from a reporter that said, "How old Cary Grant?":

Old Cary Grant fine. How you?

Cary Grant
1904 — 1986

Showing quotes 21 through 40 in the category “Comebacks.” Page 1 2 3.