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To a woman who asked if she had seen him on television:

I don’t know. You can’t see out the other way.

Emo Phillips

To a Boston Globe reporter who asked if he had any children:

All paternity actions against me thus far have been successfully defended.

Jay Severin
1952 —     

To Kenneth Clarke, who said, "Isn’t it terrible about losing to the Germans at our national sport?" when England lost to Germany in the 1990 World Cup Semifinal:

I shouldn’t worry too much; we’ve beaten them twice this century at theirs.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
1925 — 2013

Graffiti written under more graffiti that said, "Question Authority":



Upon receiving a telegram from a reporter that said, "How old Cary Grant?":

Old Cary Grant fine. How you?

Cary Grant
1904 — 1986

Upon being asked by Australian wicketkeeper Rod Marsh, "So how are your wife and my kids?":

The wife’s fine, the kids are retarded.

Ian Botham

Showing quotes 41 through 46 in the category “Comebacks.” Page 1 2 3.